2022 Strawberry Festival

We are anticipating that the Topsfield Historical Society Strawberry Festival will return in June 2022 better than ever! As it has in the past two years, the THS Board will make its decision in January 2022 according to government requirements and guidelines.

The Strawberry Festival requires months of work by over eighty volunteers long before the Festival Day in June. Strawberries and shortcakes must be ordered and prepared, vendors’ booths and wares created, and non-profit community groups must plan and work on their Festival presence. We very much look forward to seeing all our visitors and participants back next summer!

We are very grateful to all who make such a valuable contribution to the Strawberry Festival. We are honored to have opened summer in Topsfield with this community-wide event for over fifty years. We are resolved:

The 2022 Strawberry Festival will be the best ever!